Forager vegan butter

We’ve never met a Forager Project product we didn’t like, and we especially like this organic vegan butter, which is a recent addition to our local grocery.

This creamy vegan butter comes in a handy tub, melts beautifully, and has an even better flavor than the Miyoko’s oat butter we adore. (Unless you love salt: Miyoko’s has a bit of sea salt, and this one is less salty, in a good way.)

Best of all, like the delicious Miyoko’s vegan butters, this one has no palm oil, so you can feel totally virtuous while slathering it on everything possible.

We have not yet baked with it, and the only problem is that after a few days, it gets very crumbly and flaky in its little tub, which makes it tough to access and use. But the flavor is amazing, and if you’re not fussy about spreadability, then give it a try. Forager is always worth it.