Nuts for Cheese Gouda Wedge

What an absolute delight to find this Nuts for Cheese Gouda wedge in our local grocery (there are several more flavors, so stay tuned!).

This Canadian-made vegan cheese is organic and made with cashews and coconut, with live cultures and lovely spices. It’s also a very good-looking, highly presentable cheese, which is great for anyone taking vegan foods to an omnivorous party.

The texture is lovely — it’s smooth and creamy and just about perfect. We found that this Gouda-style cheese doesn’t taste much like Gouda at all (for the most authentic Gouda flavor, try Daiya’s Gouda block).

However, just because this didn’t taste like Gouda doesn’t mean we didn’t enjoy it thoroughly. The cheese is so creamy and the spices are so delicious that it was delightful nonetheless. In fact, we were disappointed to read that this wedge is supposed to be 4.5 servings — it was very nearly impossible not to eat it all at once.

So, check out Nuts for Cheese products if you can find them locally…and stay tuned for more reviews as we go through every product we can find.