Trader Joe’s Vegan Bolognese Sauce

Pasta is a great staple for vegans (contrary to popular belief, not all pasta is made from eggs! especially when you buy dried pasta, whole-wheat pasta, etc.). If we’re not making our own sauce, we usually choose already-plant-based tomato sauces … so this vegan Bolognese sauce from Trader Joe’s was a great find.

This is, of course, a tomato-based sauce, but it has vegan “meat” crumbles in it, and in fact it is so realistic-tasting it might be best served to omnivores than longtime vegans. Its slightly meaty flavor will especially appeal to any vegan who’s missing meat, but the tomato sauce is lovely also.

We sampled this sauce with whole-wheat fusilli pasta, doused with Follow Your Heart parmesan, which just gets better and better from the first time we reviewed it several years ago.

Best of all, this is the quickest and easiest meal ever. We will be enjoying it many, many more times.