Hippeas Tortilla Chips

I was thrilled to see these Hippeas chips at our local grocery … and at first, I didn’t even realize they were tortilla chips instead of the famous Hippeas puffs. I just noticed the new flavors: Rockin’ Ranch and Jalapeño Vegan Cheddar.

Sadly, the texture of these tortilla chips is very odd. Among the tasters, the consensus was that the tortilla chips tasted as though they’d gone stale, or hadn’t been baked long enough to be crispy. They are flat, crunchless, and uninspiring.

However, the flavors are delicious … the ranch has the herby, tangy flavor of a great ranch snack food, and the jalapeño cheddar is both spicy and cheesy.

If only Hippeas would put these flavors on the puffs, which are always hearty and crunchy. We will keep an eye out for that … but until then, as good as these flavors are, it’s not worth it for such a disappointing chip.