Follow Your Heart Feta Crumbles

We have always enjoyed Violife’s vegan feta but were delighted to discover this Follow Your Heart feta in our local grocery.

While the Violife feta is creamier than this Follow Your Heart version, this one has a lot more feta flavor. The texture is a bit more crumbly and dry, and while we like the creamy Violife feta, this one has the tangy and slightly salty feta-ness that doesn’t exist in the Violife version.

Best of all, the Follow Your Heart version is pre-crumbled, which makes tossing it into salads a lot easier. Once again, Follow Your Heart has made the vegan life just a little easier and more delicious…as well as more palatable for those making the transition to vegan life. We’d highly recommend this one, especially for the most authentic feta taste we’ve found so far.