Sweet Earth Chik’n

We haven’t yet seen this Sweet Earth chik’n locally, so when we were at a Whole Foods out of town, we eagerly swept this plant-based chik’n into our cart.

These little strips of faux chicken are perfect for any recipe, and especially if you’re serving omnivores. We got the plain version, but Sweet Earth offers many varieties, including chipotle, Korean BBQ, and seasoned. After this trip, we discovered the chipotle version in our own natural food store, to our delight…see below for more.

We tossed our plain chik’n into a wok for a simple stir-fry, and this Mindful Chik’n is perfect for this; you can season it however you wish (we used Trader Joe’s Vegan Chicken-less Seasoning Salt, which is tragically no longer available). The chik’n itself is perfect: these soy-based strips are tender with a just-right texture, and they are healthy and high in protein.

You don’t necessarily have to cook them; these refrigerated strips can be put into wraps or salads, and you can make a chik’n salad — the possibilities are endless! Learn more here, and enjoy!

The chipotle version is great because no seasoning is required, which is just perfect for busy or lazy vegans. We were so lazy that we even followed the packaging photography and made little tacos, as seen here.

This version has more of a barbecue flavor than a spicy chipotle one, so it wasn’t as perfect for tacos as one might imagine. It would be great over brown rice, though, or on a bun with cabbage and vegan ranch. It’s very flavorful … and insanely easy.

Check out all Sweet Earth products here; you’ll find this vegan chik’n as well as sausages, pizza, deli slices, and more.