Kourellas Vegan Feta

We found this vegan “white Greek type” cheese in our local grocery and decided to try it. (We already have a couple of fetas we love, from Follow Your Heart and Violife, but this is what happens when shopping while hungry.)

We were delighted to find that this is another delicious vegan feta! Some of you may even like it more, as it’s very salty, as well as flavored. We sampled the feta that is flavored with peppers and garlic, and the spices were very subtle.

This vegan feta appears to be one of very few Kourellas vegan products; a web search indicated that this company produces mostly dairy products, from sheep and goat milk. So, that was disappointing, so we’ll be sticking with our other favorites, to support all-vegan companies. Still, at least they offer a vegan alternative, and we hope they make a full transition one of these days!