Cultured Kindness Brie

What a joy it was to discover Cultured Kindness cheeses at the grocery! Especially when we saw the word brie along with the word vegan.

This “brie” variety is smothered in fresh herbs, which make it especially beautiful (and flavorful). The texture (cashew-based) is perfect: thick, creamy, rich, highly spreadable.

The only problem we had with this “brie” flavor is that it doesn’t resemble brie in the slightest (the lack of a rind was our first clue, but we remained hopeful). We actually think this beautiful cheese might’ve been mislabeled … it’s absolutely wonderful, and though it tastes nothing like brie, it does bring to mind the most gorgeous herbed goat cheese ever (best of all, made with nuts rather than goats). We’d very highly recommend it, as long as you’re not expecting brie. It’s truly delicious.

Cultured Kindness has many other products available for order and pickup from its Portland, Oregon, store. We were lucky to also find the “Pepper Jill” flavor at our grocery … stay tuned for the review, coming soon!