Hodo Veggie Burgers

These Hodo tofu veggie burgers were on sale, and so we had to try them. I was so impressed, I went back to buy a few more while they were still on sale … and they were gone! I hope they return.

These are not the type of vegan burgers I would eat on a bun … I’d go for a Beyond Burger or the Impossible. However, what I love about these Hodo veggie burgers is that they make a perfect breakfast.

These burgers seem to me to be more like omelets … they are made with fluffy tofu, along with carrots, cabbage, onion, and spices mixed in, and the outside is textured and crispy. There are 19 grams of protein in each burger, which makes this a wonderful, high-protein breakfast.

They are flavorful enough to be enjoyed plain, but they are also terrific if chopped up and stuffed into a tortilla for a breakfast burrito. They’re also great diced and mixed in with grains, lettuce, and fresh veggies for a big lunch salad.

So, while I wouldn’t recommend thinking of this as a “burger,” I highly recommend it as a fabulous breakfast or lunch staple. And, Hodo has a lot of other products, including scrambled eggs, that we look forward to sampling.