Trader Joe’s Vegan Aioli

As always, Trader Joe’s is full of vegan surprises! We recently found this vegan truffle aioli and bought it immediately.

We had truffle french fries in mind for this aioli, so we waited until we had those on hand to give this a try. It’s delicious! It’s such a treat to have vegan aioli in general, but this is an exceptional condiment. The light truffle flavor is perfect for just about any use, whether french fries, fried or baked veggies or potatoes, or sandwiches. We look forward to trying it on just about everything.

Also, if you’re looking for vegan mayo and can’t find it, go the fancy route and try this aioli — it would be scrumptious mixed into mock tuna, faux egg, or chik salad. Run, don’t walk! This is one of the Trader Joe’s vegan treats you don’t want to miss.