Cultured Kindness Pepper Jill cheese

You may have already read our review of Cultured Kindness’s brie-flavored vegan cheese, and we were thrilled to sample the “Pepper Jill” flavor as well.

The brie flavor was delicious despite tasting nothing like brie, but this peppered cheese is spot-on perfect in terms of both flavor and labeling. It tastes just the way a good “pepper jack” does, and it’s beautifully spreadable as well as being rich and creamy and spicy.

We haven’t tried melting this cheese (though it would likely make fantastic nachos); it’s just so good spread on crackers. But for any Mexican or Southwest dishes, this cheese would be a wonderful addition.

We look forward to trying more of Cultured Kindness‘s products as we find them. And, if you’re in Portland, Oregon, you can visit their online store.