Beyond Meat Breakfast Sausage Links

What can we say about these Beyond Meat breakfast sausage links, other than that they are perfection?

Now, if you are a health nut, or a vegan who doesn’t pine for plant-based sausage, you may not agree … these sausage links are both very greasy (in the best way) and very “real” (they would fool any omnivore, they are that authentically flavored and textured). And for us, this is a good thing.

Many vegans don’t enjoy the texture and “mouthfeel” of plant-based products that are extremely realistic — and this product definitely is realistic. It gets very crispy when cooked, and literally oozes grease, so it may not be as healthy a breakfast as your green smoothie. But though we are 100 percent vegan for the animals, we are also 100 percent about enjoying any and all foods that don’t harm animals … and this includes a hearty breakfast.

We can’t recommend these enough to vegans and especially omnivores who may yet have no idea how amazing plant-based protein is. Thanks to Beyond Meat for making it possible for even the most carnivorous humans to consider going vegan … the animals, and our planet, depend on it!