Violife Cheddar Cream Cheese

When we first saw that Violife’s amazing cream cheese comes in another flavor, we naturally had to try it, even if a cheddar cream cheese sounded a bit unusual.

However, as odd as it sounds at first, I was so pleasantly surprised that this is now my new favorite spreadable cheese. It’s creamy, with a light cheddar flavor, and while it’s fine on bagels, it’s even better on regular crackers. It’s almost too flavorful to be eaten with bagels, and I find it’s better when it’s not melty (which happens when you put it on a warm bagel).

Violife, along with Miyoko’s, offers the best of vegan cheeses; every variety is so authentic and flavorful, you hardly notice it’s not “real” cheese. And of course, it’s without the cholesterol and cruelty and so on.