Trader Joe’s Hold The Dairy! Chocolate Mini Cones

Yay (again) for Trader Joe’s! These chocolate mini cones are this summer’s best vegan discovery.

The ice cream has a coconut-milk base and is deliciously chocolatey. There is also a chocolate drizzle on top and in the cone, which is absolutely delightful. And the cone itself is a perfect waffle cone, with plenty of sweetness and crunch.

Note that these miniature cones are pretty tiny — but I love that the package reads that a serving size is 6 cones (so there are 2 servings in the box of 12 — this is quite reasonable). But best of all, if you’re in the mood for just a little taste of chocolate ice cream, one cone is absolutely perfect. These mini cones would also be perfect for a party or summer picnic.

We’ll definitely be stocking up on these to nibble on them for the rest of the summer.