Chao spicy cheese slices

Field Roast’s delicious Chao cheeses have been around for a long time, but for us, the Spicy Original slices are a first.

These slices are tasty and flavorful — if you like pepper jack flavors, this is your cheese! As some vegan cheese slices tend to be when not heated, they have a slightly waxy texture, so they’d be best melted on a burger, in vegan scrambles or omelettes, in quesadillas, and so on. But the flavor is good enough that I’ll gladly put these on a sandwich (Field Roast has an amazing array of vegan deli slices as well), even if unheated (though a panini style sandwich would be absolutely perfect for these).

And if you like spicy slices, do check out Chao’s tomato-cayenne flavor as well. Happy picnicking!