Plant Snacks Cheddar

As fans of Plant Snacks (mostly for their cheesy vegan flavors), we were happy to sample this cheddar version of the “plant thins.”

These little thins are crispy, flavorful, and quite addictive. Yet (we like to tell ourselves) they’re also quite healthy: the flour is made of whole grain corn, cassava root, pea protein, psyllium husk, and mushroom powders, and the thins contain 3 grams of protein and fiber per serving, and are also a good source of vitamin D. (Which is great because they are all the more addictive on rainy or snowy winter days.)

The photo above is a little washed out and doesn’t show this cracker’s cheesiness, but it does show how the thins have been baked to a crisp crunchiness. It’s a great snack for vegans … and don’t neglect serving it to omnivores as well!

Full disclosure: One taster felt this flavor was a bit “underwhelming,” especially compared with the more flavorful Plant Snacks we reviewed previously. But, truly, they’re worth tasting so you can decide for yourself.

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