Plant Ahead Cheese Wedges

We were delighted to find these wheels of Plant Ahead cheese wedges, a reminder of school lunches and other snack-friendly times.

These are indeed wonderfully portable cheese snacks, ready to enjoy straight from their little foil packages, to pack up for a picnic, or to spread onto crackers or fresh bread.

The wedges are thick and creamy, though not easily spreadable until they’ve been out of the fridge for a while (which makes them a great picnic food!).

The “white cheddar” flavor we sampled was not very flavorful; we wouldn’t go quite so far as to call them tasteless, but the bland flavor left much to be desired. The texture, however, was really nice — smooth and creamy, if a little firm right out of the fridge.

Visit Plant Ahead for more options — not only are there more wedge flavors (such as smoked gouda, garlic & herb, and pepper jack), but there are many additional products as well, from blocks of Parmesan cubes of feta, from cream cheese to vegan smoked salmon. We look forward to trying a few more flavors and products!