Alpha Mac ‘N Cheeze

We were happy to find this Mac ’N Cheeze (in Creamy Chedd’r) from Alpha Foods (which makes the best chik’n patties ever). And who doesn’t love vegan mac and cheese?

Even better, this refrigerated meal heats up in the microwave in only four minutes (yes, we’re that lazy).

We found the “cheeze” to be lovely (it’s from Violife!); it was nice and creamy, with a slight peppery taste (in a good way). However, the macaroni was definitely not al dente; it was in fact a bit too soft … but this is not unexpected given it came out of a plastic bag. Overall, it made a decent fast meal, especially as a side dish or with some good veggies mixed in.

And keep in mind that our laziness may be a factor here; this meal would likely be much better if cooked in the oven (at 350° for 20-25 minutes); the pasta may be firmer, and it would likely be crispy on top as well. We suggest using the oven if you give this product a try!