Misha’s Kind Foods Cheese

We found this lovely spreadable cheese from Misha’s Kind Foods, and it’s a wonderful find.

The smoked cheddar variety has a great texture, is terrific on any type of cracker or bread, and has a lovely smoky flavor, with smoked paprika and chipotle peppers.

If you visit the Misha’s website, you’ll see that these lovely cheese aren’t just for eating straight; they’re great in myriad recipes. For example, a few ideas for using the smoked cheddar in recipes include adding it to vegan burgers, scalloped potatoes, cheddar and broccoli, mac & cheese, and tortilla soup. Yum!

You’ll also find that Misha’s has a ricotta, as well as other cheese flavors including black truffle; “French connection,” which is meant to resemble boursin; “seven point five,” with jalapeño, habanero, and strawberries; and “joi,” with jalapeño, thyme, oregano. We look forward to trying them all.