So Delicious CocoWhip

I had no idea this deliciousness existed until I went in search of a non-dairy Cool Whip for a recipe. And I was thrilled to find not one but two versions of CocoWhip in the freezer section.

I started with the regular CocoWhip, and then thought I’d try the light version just to be healthier. (As it turns out, CocoWhip Light has only 5 fewer calories per serving than the regular version, so who cares? However, since the serving size is apparently only 2 tablespoons, and my own personal serving size is more like three-quarters of a cup, I suppose the light version is healthier in the end.)

This vegan whipped topping was absolutely delicious on the chocolatey dessert recipe I originally bought it for, and it’s so good I’ve been keeping it in the freezer ever since. I enjoy it pretty much daily, on everything from desserts to my morning fruit bowl.

For those of you who don’t like coconut, the flavor is undetectable; it is simply creamy, rich, and sweet. I did try this out on a few non-coconut people, and they agreed that there’s no discernible coconut taste.

CocoWhip keeps for ages in the freezer, and it thaws quickly when moved to the fridge. I don’t really have to worry about it being around for long, but for those of you who may use it less often, it’ll keep for a very good long time.

I love it as much, if not more, than the vegan whipped cream from Trader Joe’s. This So Delicious version is a bit thicker (the whipped cream from a can is a bit more airy), and there’s no coconut flavor, which the Trader Joe’s version has (which I like, but not everyone does). Also, the frozen whipped topping would last longer than the can of whipped cream, once opened, since it can be frozen again and again after thawing it out. Still, I highly recommend a taste test — mostly because it would be fun and delicious, but also so you can see which you prefer.