Outstanding Snacks

These vegan snacks actually are pretty outstanding, but this is also their name: these vegan cheese balls come from Outstanding Foods, whose website boasts that these snacks contain “20 vitamins and minerals such as Iron, Zinc, B12, D & E and 4 grams of protein per serving.” They’re also non-GMO — and, for those with allergies, soy and gluten free. Not bad for a snack food … especially when it tastes like junk food, i.e., delicious.

The “jalapeño chedda” flavor is fantastic … it’s spicy (but not too much; we recruited a nine-year-old omnivorous taster for this post, and she likes no more than a bit of spice), and delightfully cheesy. This flavor got a unanimous thumbs-up.

The garlic parmesan flavor is different but equally awesome: lots of flavor, and the garlic and parmesan flavors are spot-on.

Both varieties also have a great crunch to them, and be warned: they are highly addictive. But so what? With all those vitamins and minerals and 4 grams of protein per serving (even more when you consider that a serving is actually a whole bag, not one-third of a bag — let’s be realistic, people), go ahead and enjoy! As always, as a vegan snack, it’s not only better for you but for animals and the planet.