Vegan Boursin Cheese

We’ve been hearing about it for a while now, and we finally got to try it! This dairy-free version of the delicious Boursin cheese is incredible. (It’s made with Follow Your Heart, another beloved vegan brand and one of our favorites).

The cheese comes in a good-sized tub (which, if you’re like me, is still not large enough, but just buy two or more), and it’s flavorful, spreadable, garlicky and herby, and just incredible. It has a slightly unique flavor, compared to similar cheeses like Treeline or Kite Hill … it’s hard to pin down, but it’s really fantastic. It’s been many, many years since I’ve had the “real” Boursin cheese, but I don’t think I’d have known the difference.

If you love French-style spreadable cheese, look no further. While in many ways we love supporting all-vegan companies like Treeline and Kite Hill, the fact that this company (and so many others) now offer vegan products is such a positive step that we like to support them too. It’s our hope that eventually they’ll see the light and discontinue their non-vegan products and just keep moving forward!