Daring Cajun Chicken

We’d heard about the Daring brand of plant-based chicken, and when we saw it in our grocery’s freezer, we decided to try the Cajun-style chicken pieces.

These vegan chicken pieces are, in a word, amazing. Cooked with a little oil in a skillet, they are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The Cajun spices (including paprika, chili cumin, oregano, thyme, pepper, lemon, onion, and garlic) are flavorful but not too hot, perfect for those who like a bit of spice but don’t want to be overwhelmed by it.

The chicken pieces are so authentically done they might actually freak out longtime vegans. This gluten-free chicken is soy-based, and — NOTE: the following observations are not for the faint of heart — the pieces pull apart as a real piece of chicken would; also, the outside is quite crispy, evoking actual chicken skin. Again, this is gross for many longtime vegans — but on the plus side, this is a product you can serve to any omnivores and immediately convert them to plants. It’s that good.

We highly recommend these delicious Daring chicken pieces, of which the Cajun variety is just one of many (also look for original, lemon & herb, breaded, teriyaki, and tenders). And while they’re delicious plain and straight from the pan, Daring also offers myriad recipes, which we look forward to checking out.