Forager Parmesan Cheese

As you may have read here before, we love many Forager Project products, including butter, yogurt, and chips.

When we saw this Forager Parmesan cheese in the market, we were excited to try it.

Yet we’re sorry to say it’s quite disappointing, compared to the gold stars of vegan Parmesan (Follow Your Heart and Violife).

This Parmesan from Forager has a great texture, but the flavor has a very odd chemical taste, and though it’s slightly tangy, it tastes more sweet than it should.

Interestingly, the package reads “Cultured Cheese Alternative from our Cashewmilk Yogurt,” which is a fantastic product (click here to read all about it). So while the drinkable yogurt is a huge winner for us, the Parmesan falls way short.

We wished we loved this more, but perhaps Forager will improve upon it. Meanwhile, don’t let this less-than-stellar product keep you away from the other wonderful Forager products out there.