Coolhaus Tahitian Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich

A friend alerted me to these Coolhaus dairy free ice cream sandwiches, and I will be forever grateful. They are magnificent.

If you love vanilla, you’ll adore these ice cream sammies. Best of all, unlike many cookies that adorn ice cream sandwiches rather as an afterthought, these cookies are actually one of the highlights of this dessert — they’re soft, chewy, flavorful, and very chocolate-chippy.

Coolhaus is not a vegan company, and sadly, this flavor was the only one we could find that is vegan. (On the plus side, it was fantastic to see that all the Coolhaus vegan products had sold out already, and the animal-product ones were still sitting there in the freezer. A very positive trend toward a kinder and healthier world!)

We love that Coolhaus is LGBTQ+ women owned, and we hope they use their talents to expand on their non-dairy vegan products, at which point we’ll love them even more. Meanwhile, we’ll be hanging out at the freezer section of our local stores awaiting more of their terrific vegan confections.