Looking for a vegan cream cheese? You can skip Oatly.

I’m baffled. There are so many amazing makers of vegan cheese available — Violife and Myyoko’s and Nuts for Cheese. And yet when it comes to cream cheese, there is really only one cream cheese worth spreading on a bagel.

As fans of Oatly milk, we were excited to find its cream cheese in our supermarket and opted to try Chive & Onion. 

For a product with chive and onion, this cream cheese is very sweet — not what you’d expect from a chive-and-onion flavor. The plain version might be better aligned with its labeling — but even then, it may not be for those who don’t like sweet cream cheese.

Violife remains the best and most authentic vegan cream cheese, in our opinion. (But we do highly recommend Oatly for plant-based milk, as well as yogurt and ice cream).