The many flavors of Parma!

The last time I had Parma! was long ago; I traded it in for other vegan parmesans for my pasta. Yet at the this summer’s Southern Oregon Veg Fest, Parma! had a booth at which we got to sample myriad flavors I didn’t even realize existed … and we were hooked.

On popcorn, we sampled Jalapeño Bacon, Chipotle Cayenne, and Garlicky Green.

Jalapeño Bacon has a good kick and smoky bacon flavor, so it is clearly a winner. Chipotle Cayenne is spicier, in a great way, and perfect for anyone who wants a stronger kick in any recipe. Garlicky Green was fine on popcorn, but given its versatility and milder flavor, compared to the spice of the other two, we’ve also tried it on pasta (very good) and in tofu breakfast scrambles (excellent).

Given the volume of melted butter we used for our popcorn tastings, we are glad to know that Parma products are quite healthy, with just a few ingredients, including nutritional yeast, walnuts, and organic sunflower, pumpkin, and hemp seeds. (For those with allergies, Jalapeño Bacon and Garlic Basil are nut-free.)

Think outside the pasta, and get your hands on some of these Parma! flavors. And keep in mind there are many other uses besides popcorn and pasta seasoning; check out some of these recipes from the Parma website.

As if all this isn’t wonderful enough, Parma is vegan- and woman-owned! Check out Shannon Schnibbe’s inspiring story here. And then run to the store for some Parma!