Louisville Vegan Jerky

I’ve noticed Louisville Vegan Jerky in our local grocery, but, not being a big jerky person, I’d never tried it … until I saw their Perfect Pepperoni flavor. I’ve always loved the spices of pepperoni and never turn down a chance to try a vegan version.

And it’s delicious! Even as a non-jerky person, I am into this soy-based snack, which is chewy, salty, spicy, and packed with protein. It’s also non-GMO and, being vegan, it is of course also cholesterol free and cruelty free.

I enjoyed this one so much I also tried another of Louisville’s flavors, Buffalo Dill. This one isn’t as spicy but it has a nice kick, and as a fan of dill, I found it super tasty.

Now that I’m getting a bit addicted, I will certainly try a few others. Among Louisville‘s other jerky flavors are Maple Bacon, Smoky Carolina BBQ, and Smoked Black Pepper. The company also has “toppins,” soy-based toppings such as vegan bacon and pepperoni bits