Beyond Meat Jerky

We didn’t even know this existed until we saw it in the store. Having recently tested out Louisville vegan jerky, we could not resist. Flavors include original, teriyaki, and hot & spicy (which is the one we sampled).

And wow! Even as not-really-jerky-fans, this product is great (and we’d choose it over the Louisville brand, as much as we enjoyed that one as well).

The hot & spicy flavor lives up to its name; though it’s not overwhelming, you do need to love spice to enjoy. I actually look forward to trying the other flavors as well, just for fun, since this one is so good.

One important note: While the Louisville jerky is easy to chew, the texture of this Beyond Meat variety is far tougher. This reminds me of actual jerky, so Beyond Meat would certainly be the one to enjoy with omnivores — but be aware that you’ve got to have strong, healthy teeth to eat this product!

That said, it’s a great snack … not only do you get a full workout just by eating it, but each serving has 10 grams of protein.