Babybel Vegan Cheese

It was so fun to find this Babybel vegan cheese at Trader Joe’s! Inside this little bag are the wax-covered cheese snacks I remember from childhood, only they are vegan.

They are exactly as I remember, with the little plastic covering and the waxy shell, and I was eager to see whether the cheese itself would be as good as I remembered.

It was absolutely delicious. The plant-based version is creamy and good enough to eat on its own, just as it always was. It’s a big mouthful of cheese, for sure, and many vegan cheeses aren’t quite good enough to eat by the mouthful — but this definitely is.

These wonderful little snacks aren’t a source of protein, but you’ll get some calcium and B12, which is fantastic. Most of all, you’ll get a delicious cheese product that is healthy and cruelty free.

It’s great not only to see companies offering plant-based versions of their products (we’re always hoping they go entirely plant-based, but it’s a process) … but if you check out the website, you’ll see that this new vegan cheese is available in so many large supermarkets, from Whole Foods to Albertson’s to Target.