Tofurky Chick’n

Tofurky’s products are always great, and it was fun to try the company’s shredded chick’n product, in sesame garlic flavor. (Other flavors include lightly seasoned, Thai basil, and barbecue.)

There are two ways to cook the chick’n (found in the refrigerator at the market) — stovetop or microwave, and on this particular occasion (you guessed it), we lazily put it in the microwave. Ready in less than two minutes, this chick’n (comprised of wheat gluten and soy, among other ingredients) was ready to go. Which is a beautiful thing after a long and busy day.

The texture is tender and a little chewy, and the sauce is light and flavorful.

We lazily tossed our chick’n over piles of brown rice, and the sesame garlic sauce provided more than enough to make a delicious light meal. On a less hurried evening, it would ideal to throw this chick’n into a wok with a medley of veggies.

We look forward to trying the other flavors. The lightly seasoned chick’n is likely to be the most versatile for any recipe; for this flavor, Tofurky offers a pan-fried taco recipe on its website, which we already look forward to trying out. For the Thai basil flavor, check out the drunken noodles recipe. And with the barbecue flavor you can make the best barbecue chick’n sandwiches.

This is definitely a product we’ll return to, for its ease of preparation and myriad options for quick and tasty meals.