Violife Shaved Parmesan

If you read our review of Violife Parmesan, you know we love it…except for the hassle of shredding it. Well, problem solved: Violife now offers shaved parmesan!

We sampled this (in addition to eating it directly out of the bag) with marinara sauce and the delicious Kite Hill Mushroom Ravioli (review coming soon). The parmesan is tangy, firm, and a bit salty — just fantastic. And in this form, it’s so easy to sprinkle on anything — we look forward to trying it in salads, in soups, and on every pasta dish we come up with.

The wedge of parmesan is great for when you need more versatility in how you want to prepare it … but for something ready to toss into or onto what you’re serving, this shaved parmesan is excellent and highly recommended.