Kite Hill Tortellini

Very few vegan foods can beat the amazing Kite Hill pastas for a delicious, easy meal. Next up in our reviews is the Kite Hill tortellini, which is made with vegan ricotta and is absolutely fabulous.

We find these pastas in our groceries’ frozen section, and even frozen the cooking time for this tortellini is less than 5 minutes. By then, they are al dente and just about perfect.

We enjoyed ours with marinara sauce and Violife Shaved Parmensan. The tortellini are soft and creamy and just perfect for a quick and tasty meal. Each package easily serves two humans; for more diners, we’d recommend another package (or two). (We don’t know good the leftovers are because we have never had any.)

These Kite Hill pastas are fantastic for busy vegans! We keep several packages in the freezer at all times. (Note: They are also delicious with a sprinkle of good olive oil and your favorite vegan parmesan cheese.)