Violife French Onion Dip

As fans of all things Violife, it was fun to see this new product in the store.

This French Onion “dip” is quite thick, like cream cheese, and the onion flavor is very subtle. (You might try the Kite Hill or Trader Joe’s versions as well. I mean, one can’t possibly get enough vegan French Onion dip.)

But, this is still a wonderful dip — more of a spread, really — for bread, crackers, and veggies. As we saw on the website, in the dip category Violife also offers a spinach artichoke dip, vegan sour cream, and something called Cocospread, which we imagine is the vegan version of Nutella. Sadly, we haven’t yet seen these products in our local stores, but our eyes will be peeled.

Violife, so far, seems to be the making the most consistently delicious vegan versions of our favorite things. It’s exciting to see them continuing to bring out even more products. Support Violife by eating voraciously! (We are certainly doing out part.)