Nada Moo Ice Cream Snack Bites

As big fans of all flavors of Nada Moo ice cream, we were excited to find these “frozen snack bites” next to the Nada Moo pints. Naturally, we had to try them.

These mochi-like bites are described by Nada Moo as having a “plant-based coating & creamy coconut milk core.” There only six per bag (sadly), but they are large enough that they’re perfectly satisfying even if you only have one or two (or three).

We sampled peanut butter, mint, and salted caramel (still to be tested: mango and orange creme). Our favorite was salted caramel, with its salty outer layer and delicious creamy middle. Peanut butter was the next favorite (what better combo is there than peanut butter and chocolate?). The mint was a bit underwhelming, given how delicious Nada Moo’s mint chip ice cream is; these minty bites actually tasted a bit medicinal.

However, they are worth a try and make a great snack or addition to any dessert.