Create your own vegan name tag

If you want to create your own digital Vegan name tag, head over to and make your own. Here’s mine… You simply enter your name, pick the color you like and download the image to your computer or phone. And let me know if you’d like actual stickers…

Trader Joe’s Vegan Enchiladas

A trip to TJ’s is always an adventure because you’re never quite sure what you’re going to find when you get there. Like this new entree, which I quickly snapped up: I had modest expectations. Frozen enchiladas are rarely that tasty, let along the vegan version. But I have to say that TJ’s got it … Read more

My Journey Off the Eaten Path

Vegans, to paraphrase Robert Frost, take the path less traveled by. So I found the name of this new brand Off the Eaten Path completely appropriate. I tried the Veggie Crisps and am pleased to report that they are my new favorite snack. I have tended to avoid rice crisps in the past, largely because … Read more