My Journey Off the Eaten Path

Vegans, to paraphrase Robert Frost, take the path less traveled by. So I found the name of this new brand Off the Eaten Path completely appropriate. I tried the Veggie Crisps and am pleased to report that they are my new favorite snack. I have tended to avoid rice crisps in the past, largely because … Read more

Miyoko’s Vegan MOZZ & Pizza

I’ve been on a mission to craft a decent pizza. Vegan, naturally, but I’ve struggled with pretty much everything along the way: the crust, toppings, and getting the pizza to slide into the oven without folding over onto itself into some disfigured calzone. But I’m happy to report that cheese is no longer a problem. … Read more

No Evil Pulled “Pork” BBQ: Far easier and tastier than the real thing

Being from St. Louis, I was raised on barbecue. But not on pulled pork. Pork chops was about as fancy as I ever got. And yet when I saw the packaging for No Evil Pulled “Pork” BBQ, I felt compelled to give it a try. I mean, how can you not want to support the … Read more

Benevolent Bacon: Not quite ready for prime time

I tried to follow the directions. Perhaps I didn’t use the right sized skillet. Perhaps I misinterpreted what “lightly oiled” meant. I don’t know. The directions said to cook two minutes per side or until the desired crispness. Only I never managed to achieve any degree of crispness. I gave up after five minutes per … Read more

Miyoko’s Sensational Scallion Cream Cheese: Not so sensational

Miyoko Schinner, founder of Miyoko’s Kitchen, has been called the “queen of vegan cheese,” and for good reason. I love her cheese wheels and butter and sing her praises everywhere I go. Whenever I talk to non-vegans about cheese, I recommend her cheeses because they are always shocked at how good they are. But I … Read more

Leaf Cuisine Classic Plain NOT Cream Cheese Spread: Not all that good

I consider myself an everything bagel connoisseur. I was raised on them in St. Louis and enjoyed the wide range of NYC bagels. And here in Ashland there is the Little Shop of Bagels, which serves Cultured Kitchen vegan cream cheese. But I often get bagels to go and like to try to the ever-expanding selection … Read more

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