Archer Farms Mocha Almond Fudge Ice Cream

Next in our exploration of Archer Farms non-dairy ice creams is mocha almond fudge. This almond-milk-based ice cream is very heavy on the mocha; it had almost a slight bitterness to it, the way dark chocolate sometimes does. So, the flavor is intense (which is either good or not so much, depending on what you … Read more

Archer Farms Vanilla Cake & Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Target’s brand Archer Farms has several non-dairy ice creams available, and we sampled the irresistibly named Vanilla Cake & Cookie Dough. And this vegan ice cream is irresistible indeed, with unbelievable sweetness (it’s that vanilla cake), and marble-sized balls of cookie dough, and crispy swirls of fudge in just about every bite. This ice cream … Read more

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