Field Roast FRuffalo Wings

I first came across Field Roast when I lived in Seattle (it was a local start-up at the time) and have watched the company flourish and grow since then. And, as I’ve mentioned earlier, I’m a huge fan of the Tomato Cayenne CHAO slices. So I was curious to give their FRuffalo Wings a go. … Read more

Field Roast CHAO slices – Tomato Cayenne

When we last posted about CHAO slices, we had not yet tried the best one of all: Tomato Cayenne. This flavor is by far the best … it’s spicy and very flavorful, and it melts beautifully on veggie burgers. Thanks to its robust flavor, it also tastes far better than the other CHAO slices on … Read more

Field Roast CHAO slices

Finally, CHAO slices came to our small town. We’ve been hearing about them for a long time and were so excited to try them at last. (We love and adore almost every other Field Roast product out there, so we couldn’t be happier they’ve added cheeses, too.) CHAO slices come in three varieties — Creamy Original, … Read more

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