NuCulture Pimento Paprika

We so enjoyed NuCulture‘s garden herb flavor and bacony chipotle flavor that we tired pimento paprika as well. It’s delicious, with a lovely smoky flavor that’s not nearly as spicy as the bacony chipotle, making it a great alternative for those who like a little less heat. This variety does have the same wonderful, creamy … Read more

NuCulture Garden Herbs cashew spread

At the same time we tasted NuCulture’s Bacony Chipotle cashew spread, we sampled its Garden Herbs variety. Like the spicy chipotle flavor, this one is light, creamy, spreadable — and delicious. And while it doesn’t have the kick of the Bacony Chipotle, it’s herbs and spices are lovely, and it’s wonderful on crackers and bread. … Read more

NuCulture Bacony Chipotle cashew spread

We were delighted to discover two NuCulture cashew spreads at our local food co-op (stay tuned for the review of the Garden Herbs variety). NuCulture has four plant-based spreads (including a dessert flavor, pumpkin spice), and all are vegan as well as gluten- and soy-free. The Bacony Chipotle is slightly bacony and incredibly spicy (in … Read more

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