Soledad Cheddar and Cracked Pepper cheeses

Here are two more cheeses from the Sanctuary at Soledad Goats. The first is cheddar style, which was not what we expected, since the website’s photo of this cheese is white, not orange, and sliceable, not spreadable. Yet the flavor of this variety is nicely cheddar, though there is a hint of sweetness, which may … Read more

Soledad American and Ricotta

These two vegan cheeses from the Sanctuary at Soledad Goats were not as lovely as the others we sampled. In fact, these two were the blandest of the bunch. Also, due to the photos on the website, we expected the American Style cheese to be firm and sliceable, not spreadable. The American style cheese was … Read more

Soledad Truffle Oil, Garlic, and Dill

Of the cheeses we’ve sampled from the Sanctuary at Soledad Goats, this one is my personal favorite. This Truffle Oil, Garlic and Dill spread was a bit watery (likely because the cheeses had arrived late and we’d had to freeze them before tasting), but it did freeze quite well and has a light, creamy texture. … Read more

Soledad Cheddar-Style Jalapeño

We recently ordered a new vegan cheese — from the Sanctuary at Soledad Goats, a nonprofit organization founded by two former goat-cheese makers who became vegan and turned their farm into a sanctuary for not only goats but also cows, horses, sheep, dogs, ducks, and other animals. (Meet some of the sanctuary residents here.) Eager … Read more

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