Violife Mozzarella Shreds

On a recent visit to Southern California, I was glad to find these Just Like Mozzarella shreds at a local grocery. While the package says, “Melts great!” this is not entirely true. It melts okay. As you can see in the photo below, we had quite a few semi-melted shreds on our pizza (and this … Read more

Miyoko’s Vegan MOZZ & Pizza

I’ve been on a mission to craft a decent pizza. Vegan, naturally, but I’ve struggled with pretty much everything along the way: the crust, toppings, and getting the pizza to slide into the oven without folding over onto itself into some disfigured calzone. But I’m happy to report that cheese is no longer a problem. … Read more

Parmela Aged Cheddar Shreds & Mozzarella

With a local grocer stocking these new cheeses from Parmela, a pizza party was clearly in order. First, a few words about Parmela Creamery’s aged nut cheese — these cheddar shreds were delicious to eat out of the bag (which is not even close to true of most vegan shreds, most of which are waxy … Read more

In Los Angeles? Check out Vromage…

Los Angeles is a bit of a vegan heaven, and now for one more reason: Vromage. This all-vegan-cheese shop is now open in West Hollywood. Here’s a glimpse at the menu: And you don’t need to be in L.A. to enjoy Vromage…visit the online store to shop for such items as Veganzola, Feta Herb, Asiago, … Read more

Teese – Vegan Mozzarella Style Vegan Cheese

I  was quite excited to find this Teese mozzarella cheese at the Ashland Food Co-Op.  A review from a customer at Vegan Essentials gave it a 5-star review, so I was hoping I would love it. The packaging is a bit unusual, but it looks and cuts just like fresh mozzarella. Uncooked, Teese mozzarella doesn’t have … Read more

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