Violife Mature Cheddar

In our continuing coverage of Violife cheeses, we sampled “Just Like Mature Cheddar Slices.” One of our tasters felt these slices were a little bland, preferring spicy Field Roast CHAO slices instead, but even if they are not truly cheddar-like — and especially for those who don’t want spice — these slices are simply a … Read more

Violife Cheddar Slices

It’s been amazing to see Vioilfe products cropping up in our local grocery stores — so far, we’ve tried the feta and the cream cheese — and then we found the Just Like Cheddar slices. These slices are among the best in vegan cheeses (the only one that comes close is Field Roast CHAO, and even those … Read more

Parmela Pepperjack Slices

When in a Whole Foods recently, we seized upon the opportunity to try these pepperjack slices from Parmela Creamery. They are not quite as good as the flavored CHAO slices (such as tomato cayenne); they are not very spicy, and they have a chalky taste. However, they do melt very well (as seen below on … Read more

Follow Your Heart Pepper Jack Cheese Slices

I must preface this review by saying that I’m a CHAO Tomato Cayenne kinda guy. But I think we were low on CHAO at the time and I saw this at the market and decided to give it a go. Follow Your Heart describes the cheese as: Blended with green jalapeños and sweet red bell … Read more

Daiya Medium Cheddar Farmhouse Block

When we saw this in the grocery, we thought it might be a new Daiya variety. As it turns out, Daiya has simply updated its packaging (less plastic) and perhaps the recipe as well (“medium” is new to the label, which was formerly just “cheddar style block”). This is a wonderful cheese block and perfect … Read more

Follow Your Heart Garden Herb Slices (& Millie’s gelato)

We are huge fans of Follow Your Heart Vegenaise (especially in Chipotle, which not only makes any sandwich or veg burger taste incredible, but is also a delicious dipping sauce for just about anything) as well as its salad dressings (the Ranch is amazing), but we haven’t yet tried many of its cheeses. Today we … Read more

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