Trader Joe’s nondairy oat creamer

This nondairy oat creamer from Trader Joe’s is insanely sweet and uniquely delicious. Its brown sugar flavor makes it a little different, and really tasty in coffee. This creamer is so good we’ve also enjoyed it over strawberries and other fruits, and adding a splash to a protein smoothie adds a wonderful bit of sweetness. … Read more

Oatly Chocolate Ice Cream

We were so thrilled to have found such a wonderful plant milk in Oatly, you can only imagine our joy at finding this Oatly ice cream (aka “frozen dessert”). This vegan ice cream is oat-based, of course, and includes coconut oil, which accounts for its amazingly smooth, creamy texture. Like Oatly plant milk, it’s just … Read more

Silk Heavy Whipping Cream

It was delightful to try Silk’s heavy whipping cream, especially since we’ve been so enjoying this vegan whipped cream from Trader Joe’s. Plain, this whipping cream tastes so much like the dairy version: thick, rich, a bit sweet. One of our tasters reports that it whips up beautifully but needs to be eaten quickly; it … Read more

Oatly Oat Milk

What a thrill to find Oatly‘s delicious oat milk locally (and since we first found it at our local co-op, it’s cropped up in several more locations…a great sign)! We haven’t devoted a lot of time on this blog to plant milks, especially since there are so many, and the tastes are so varied; also, … Read more

Ripple non-dairy creamer

When the food co-op ran out of my favorite creamer (Wildwood, which has been apparently been discontinued), I thought I’d give Ripple a try. I wasn’t keen on the company’s use of plastic, and was even less impressed with the creamer itself. It was pleasantly sweet, but it also had a chalky taste and texture … Read more