Lenny & Larry’s Cookies

We are always up for vegan cookies, and it was fun to find Lenny & Larry’s in chocolate chip as well as double chocolate. These “cookies” are not so much cookies as nutritional bars; per serving, they have 8 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber, and of course, being vegan, they’re cholesterol free! Yet … Read more

Pizza Oggi Baci Bites

These Baci Bites from Pizza Oggi are a wonderful vegan appetizer. They are crispy with lovely Italian spices, including amazing Beyond Meat sausage crumbles (adding 5 grams of protein per serving). Pizza Oggi is known for its gluten-free pizzas and crusts, and this cauliflower crust is delicious. It got crispy in the oven and was … Read more

WildCreamery Spinach Dip

This spinach dip from WildCREAMERY is perfect for spring and summer picnics. With its main ingredients of sunflower oil, coconut oil, spinach, and cashews, the dip is creamy and satisfying. It doesn’t have much spice but the spinach flavor really comes through. WildCREAMERY products are part of the company wildbrine: “We call ourselves wild because … Read more