Victoria Alfredo Pasta Sauce

This Victoria vegan Alfredo sauce is one of many sauces from Victoria Fine Foods. Alfredo sauce is one of the most difficult to veganize, and this sauce, for us, didn’t quite get there. This  Alfredo sauce is cashew-based, but it’s not very thick, and it was more watery than creamy; we expected a much richer, … Read more

Trader Joe’s Vegan Pesto Sauce

While this did begin solely as a cheese-tasting blog, we’ve clearly ventured beyond (what else could we do, with so many delicious vegan foods out there?). Thanks to an awesome vegan cashier at our local Trader Joe’s, we were introduced to this vegan pesto sauce, made with basil, kale, and cashews. She said we would … Read more

Daiya Cheezy Mac

When we saw this easy-to-prepare Daiya Cheezy Mac on sale at the local grocery, we couldn’t resist. This mac-and-cheese is so easy, in part, because it doesn’t require any vegan butter or plant milks to prepare — all you need is in the box. And, for anyone with food sensitivities, this product is not only … Read more