Hail Merry tart – Dark Chocolate

We loved the Hail Merry tart in Vanilla Coconut Creme … but we found Dark Chocolate to be even better, especially for chocolate lovers. This tart is pure decadence: rich, thick, creamy, perfect dark chocolate, with zero bitterness. And the chocolate cookie crust only adds to its all-chocolate, all-the-time goodness. The tart is quite small, … Read more

Hail Merry tart: Coconut Vanilla Créme

I’ve seen Hail Merry tarts many times in the fridge of the natural food store but haven’t yet given them a try. In a way, that may be a good thing because they are insanely delicious. First we tried the Coconut Vanilla Créme … and anyone who enjoys coconut will love this as much as … Read more