Nacho Vibes Hippeas

Given our great love (okay, adoration) of Hippeas, we were delighted to find this new flavor, Nacho Vibes. While we admire all things Hippea, our favorite flavor by far is Vegan Cheddar. We found this new flavor to be wonderfully similar — in other words, delicious — but lacking the kick we expected from a … Read more

Hippeas Sriracha Sunshine

We’ve now sampled three varieties of our new favorite snack, Hippeas, and we hereby introduce the Sriracha Sunshine flavor. While our favorite remains Vegan White Cheddar (with Pepper Power a close second), for those who like some kick, this sriracha variety is excellent. These snacks have the usual awesome Hippeas crunch, with tons of flavor … Read more

Hippeas Pepper Power

Our local stores are out of our favorite Hippeas flavor, so we tried the Pepper Power version. This one is fantastic for lovers of black pepper; the word power to describe the flavor is well chosen. The pepper flavor is very strong, and the snacks have the usual wonderful crunch that the other Hippeas have. … Read more

Hippeas Vegan White Cheddar Puffs

Imagine our surprise and delight to find these Vegan White Cheddar Hippeas at Costco, of all places. We will basically try anything with the words “vegan” and “white cheddar” on it, so naturally we bought this gigantic bag of organic chickpea puffs, having no idea what to expect. (However, having enjoyed Vegan Rob’s cauliflower puffs, … Read more