Unreal chocolate-covered peanuts

It was a delight to be in Berkeley recently and to shop at Vegan Republic (the all-vegan store that supports the sanctuary Animal Place); because everything in the store is vegan, there is no need to read labels when you find something wonderful (from food to clothing to cosmetics). And so, when I glimpsed these … Read more

Trader Joe’s ABC Bars

We were so happy to see these vegan ABC Bars on the “new items” shelf at our local Trader Joe’s. The “ABC” stands for Almond Butter Cocoa, and while the bars are tiny in size, they are gigantic in flavor. The bars make the perfect snack, dessert, or mini-breakfast. While these bars are sweet, the … Read more

Hail Merry Bites: Dark Chocolate & Pure Vanilla

We were thrilled to find Hail Merry bites in our local natural foods store and promptly bought one of each flavor available. We began sampling the Dark Chocolate and Pure Vanilla. These little bites are about the size of huge cotton ball and have the thick, slightly crumbly texture of macaroons (coconut lovers, rejoice! but … Read more

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