About the Tasters

About our vegan wine & cheese tasters*

RileyDana-300x274Dana Feagin is an artist whose award-winning animal portraits help support local animal rescue organizations. Her book, Love Rhymes with Everything, co-authored by Kat von Cupcake, is available from Ashland Creek Press. Learn more about Dana on her website.



MMidge Raymond is a writer and co-founder of Ashland Creek Press. She is the author of Forgetting English and My Last Continent. Learn more about Midge at www.MidgeRaymond.com.




johnyunker2John Yunker is a novelist, playwright, web globalization geek, and co-founder of Ashland Creek Press. Learn more about John at www.JohnYunker.com.




Our cover girl is Cream, a rescue from Sanctuary One. Cream, along with her friend Cookies, was transferred to the sanctuary after spending many years as a blood donor at a veterinary teaching hospital. Both Cookies and Cream have been painted by Dana Feagin; check out her awesome animal portraits here.





* All vegan cheeses and wines we review are purchased by us, unless otherwise noted.

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