Gardein Ultimate Beefless Ground

After our disastrous fail in trying to make tacos with Beyond Meat, we decided to try Gardein’s Ultimate Beefless Ground and give it another go. This time, the results were grand. Gardein has a great many products (most of them located in the freezer section), and this beefless ground is perfect for any recipe that … Read more

Beyond Meat Beyond Beef Crumbles

As fans of the Beyond Burger we were glad to find these faux beef crumbles in our local grocery. We planned a Mexican-food feast using these crumbles (they come frozen and should not be defrosted or microwaved), which are described as providing “a beefy kick for any ground beef recipe.” However, though it’s not indicated … Read more

Beyond Meat: Beyond Sausage Hot Italian

If you like the Beyond Sausage Original and also like a bit of spice, the Hot Italian variety is for you. Like the Beyond Sausage Original, you’ll find it in the meat section of the grocery store (currently available at Whole Foods), and indeed this product looks very pork-like in the package.  Thanks to the … Read more

Beyond Meat: Beyond Sausage Original

Beyond Meat is well known for being something both carnivores and vegans can agree on. This original style sausage is sure to be among one of those things. Now available nationwide at Whole Foods, this sausage is a brat-sized, very authentic plant-based meat product, and like the Beyond Burger, you’ll find it in the meat … Read more

Beyond Meat: The Beyond Burger

We’ve reviewed the Impossible Burger on this blog, but it’s not available in grocery stores, only in select restaurants. And it’s delicious, though we were sad to learn that in order to create this plant-based burger, the company resorted to animal testing. Still, many vegan — and especially non-vegan — restaurants offer the Impossible Burger, and many … Read more

No Evil Pulled “Pork” BBQ: Far easier and tastier than the real thing

Being from St. Louis, I was raised on barbecue. But not on pulled pork. Pork chops was about as fancy as I ever got. And yet when I saw the packaging for No Evil Pulled “Pork” BBQ, I felt compelled to give it a try. I mean, how can you not want to support the … Read more

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